With skip bins ranging in size from 3 cubic mtr to 10 cubic mtr and a rapid collection and delivery service, Putitin Bins is your ideal partner for house clearances, property renovations, or just a good old-fashioned spring clean. Whatever your needs, we are the Perth waste removal experts who can take care of them at very affordable rates and without making a fuss. We cater to both domestic and trade clients so no matter how small or large the job at hand, please do not hesitate to call and ask for our help. If you need a skip bin hire in Rockingham or other surrounding suburbs, pick up the phone and call 08 9397 1067 without delay: our team will make sure that your order is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Removing All of Your Waste Quickly and Safely

Most household waste can be put into standard skip bins for disposal by our regular team but there are certain types of waste that you cannot use these bins for, including asbestos, empty gas bottles, oil, paint, food, and other materials. All you need to do is to call and let us know what it is that you wish us to remove and we will provide you with an accurate quote for the service in question. As a fully certified and accredited organisation, you can rest assured that whatever type of waste matter you ask us to remove, it will be disposed of safely and in accordance with all relevant local and federal laws.

Maximising the Waste Removal Capacity of Your Bins

Most of our customers are naturally keen to spend as little as possible on waste removal services and we are more than happy to help them achieve this aim. To this end, we have listed our top recommendations to make the most of each skip bin’s load capacity:

Load Large, Flat Items First – If you are disposing of tabletops, work surfaces, wooden planks or other large, flat objects, it is best to place these at the bottom of your skip bins then put smaller items on top. In this way, you will be able to fit more into each bin that you use.

Calculate Your Overall Needs – Try to produce an accurate estimate of the amount of waste you need to remove. It is cheaper to hire one large bin rather than several smaller ones so if you know exactly how much waste you need removing, you could save a significant sum on hire costs.

Pay Attention to Maximum Load Lines – If you overload your bins, the excess waste is likely to fall out when they are removed, necessitating the hiring of more bins to clear up the resulting mess.

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